Saturday, February 21, 2015

Project Run and Play: February Challenge

I am loving the new set up for Project Run and Play this year. I actually have time to complete the challenge! This month's challenge is the Mademoisell Muscle Tee from Living with Punks.
The Mademoisell Muscle Tee is a pretty blank slate. I wanted to change it up a bit but still keep the essence of the original.

First, I needed this shirt to be preschool appropriate. Christine's preschool teacher is pretty strict on her dress code. In fact, I just got an email informing me that the shirt Christine wore one Tuesday was not long enough! So sleeves and long length were essentials for this look.
Second, I've been inspired by the lace trend everywhere. (Pictures from Red Dress Boutique. Yep discovered from Shark Tank. I love Shark Tank!) I thought it would be a great way to add some length.
Third, this photo. Ohmygosh adorbs! Jacob needs this outfit and it's gonna happen! But that collar? yes please. What a fun way to dress up the look. I happened to stumble across this free collar pattern  over at February's Flip this Pattern Linky Party and thought it would be perfect, and saved me a ton of time having to draft a collar!
For fabrics I went with a striped oatmeal/gray knit from Girl Charlee I had in my stash. I thought the striped fabric was a nice reference to the original Mademoisell Muscle Tee. The purple metalic dots is from Joann's from the the quilter's cotton wall last Fall. The lace I picked up from Hobby Lobby. (if you look closely at my sketchbook you can glimpse some of my other ideas I had for this project)

And it all comes together to make the Mademoisell lace tunic.
 Gorgeous right? I'm in love.

Basically, I graded the originally tee down to a 2T width, kept the length, redrew the armscye and added three-quarter length sleeves, and sewed the lace to the hem.

I paired the top with some navy leggings (knit from Purple Seamstress) and a headband I made to match her Christmas dress. (note to self: add another flower, those two are looking a little like monster horns)
 I love this collar. It's so much fun. I slashed and spread the pattern to add a little gather around the tie. I took photos of how I changed the pattern and added the ties so a tutorial will be coming next week!
Check out more at Project Run and Play  

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Baby Gift

KCW is over and I didn't finish my list. Big surprise right? It was too long and I lost my motivation. At least I did finish some things in my WIP pile, and I'll keep working on it. I still have a couple photos to post of the jump rope dress. But today I have a couple pictures of a baby gift I just made. You know me, I love to make baby gifts!
 My cousin and his wife just had a baby in January. They had a hard time getting pregnant so I was ecstatic when they announced their good news.
I appliqued this long sleeve onesie on my new embroidery machine (that I still need to introduce you to). The nesting doll design is from Just Peachy Applique (I stocked up when they had their 90% off sale). Let me tell you, working on baby onesies is HARD! and this design has a LOT of thread changes. I'll be honest, this project was a bit outside of my skill level. But I think it turned out pretty good.
They live in Idaho so the present needed to be extra warm so I made a pair of my fuzzy baby boots that I sell in my Etsy shop. Then I crocheted my favorite hat pattern.
 Hopefully this will keep her nice and cozy!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Testing Call and KCW

Before my KCW update I have big news! I'm ready to test the BabyChestnut Pants!
The chestnut pants are a slim dressy slack with flat-front waist and elastic back. Pockets are optional. I am looking for sizes 0-3 months to 4T. Testing will begin tomorrow afternoon (Thursday 2/6/15) and end Sunday at midnight. Pants require 2/3 yard for sizes 0-3m to 18-24m and 1 yard for sizes 2t-4T. Suggested fabrics are medium weight wovens such as corduroy, linen, twill, denim, suiting, and wool blends. Here is the link to apply:

They take about 2-3 hours to sew (I can whip up a pair in a hour, but I can make these in my sleep now because I've made so many). If you are invited to test you will be sent an invite to the zuzzy patterns testing facebook group, and you get to hang out with me and a bunch of other awesome sewing ladies on facebook all weekend :) it's fun I promise!

Now for KCW fun
Captain America raglan shirt for Jacob- CHECK! It's nearly impossible to get photos of this kid. So the photo quality is a little less than ideal. But I'll take what I can get!
The red fabric is from Purple Seamstress, The super heroes fabric is from a custom knit fabric facebook group called Kiddie Prints it's dreamy knit! I will definitely be writing more about them in an upcoming post, because they just had a fabric design contest that I entered and WON (2nd place) and now they are going to be printing my fabric! So excited! The captain america embroidery design is from Just Peachy Applique. Guys! I bought myself an embroidery machine last November! It's freaking amazing and I'll share more in another post, because this is supposed to be about the SHIRT! (Since we are off topic anyways, do you see my new curtains I made?! They make me so HAPPY! Also, I am soooo behind with blogging!)
This season of KCW has an upcycle theme. This shirt was supposed to be my upcycled entry. I had this red Dixie State College shirt I was going to use. I cut the pattern piece out of the back, but I ruined it when embroidering on the Capt. America guy. I didn't stabilize properly and it shifted, and looked terrible. So no upcycling for me. I'm not too sad about it because the red cotton lycra from purple seamstress is sooooo soft.

Christine loves to point out the Spiderman on the sleeve "look mommy! It's spiderman right here!" because she got a spiderman sticker from the doctor's office once.

More KCW pictures tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

KCW: Day 2

Blue raglan shirt, check! Brown corduroy pants, check!
KCW sewing went well yesterday, today not so much. I have to admit I am just not motivated to finish my pile! Part of me is like, "Eh, I did enough" the other part of me is like "nooooo the LIST! you made a list! you must cross everything off the list!" We'll see which side of my brain wins.

Details on the clothes: Raglan pattern is from Ottobre, Ottobre is in metric measurements and I think I chose the wrong size. This is a bit big, but at least it will fit him for a while. The grey/navy striped knit fabric is a cotton/poly/rayon blend from Girl Charlie (I just looked it up to link it, and noticed it's on sale for $3.90/yd right now). It's amazingly soft and I love it. The navy knit fabric for the sleeves is a cotton lycra knit from

The pants are my Chestnut pants pattern (someday I will finish this pattern. someday.) They are made from a brown corduroy from I was NOT happy when this fabric came in the mail. It's so thin, and not the thick corduroy I was hoping for. That's the biggest problem with online fabric shopping, you can't touch the fabric before you buy it. But I live in the middle of nowhere Texas so I really have no other choice.

I finished the Captain America shirt, and the Jump Rope Dress. So I will still have some photos to share tomorrow even if I don't keep sewing. Please motivate me in the comments section to help me finish the pjs at least, They just need to be hemmed and neckbands sewn in.

Monday, February 2, 2015

KCW: Day 1

It's Kids Clothes Week! Hooray! Time to sew sew sew!

This KCW I decided I'm going to tackle all my WIPs (work in progress) Projects that for some reason or other I tossed to the side and haven't wanted to finished. I thought the KCW motivation would help me get these project out of my craft room closet. Some of the projects were just cut out, or maybe have a couple seams sewn, or sewn almost all the way and just need to be hemmed. And this week I am going to finished them ALL! (ummm maybe)

So what am I going to be sewing up?

1. Captain America raglan tee for Jacob. Using the grey super hero fabric pictured above for the sleeves and back with red knit for the front with embroidered captain america head. If that sounds confusing, just wait until tomorrow when I post the finished picture, then you'll understand what I am talking about.

2. Grey and Blue striped raglan tee for Jacob. This one was sewn up to test the sizing of my raglan pattern before I cut into my expensive super hero fabric. I sewed it up but never bothered to hem it, or sew on the neck binding. Time to pull out that double needle and hem the sleeves! This should be a quick one to finish!

3 and 4. Striped PJs for both kids (in the neon yellow and pink striped fabric). For Christmas I sewed the kids some knit pj's but I was using a new pattern and wanted to be sure they would fit before I cut into my out of my gorgeous out of print (irreplaceable) fabric. I sewed the bottoms up and finished them, then I sewed the top together with one sleeve just to make sure the length was right. Then I set aside the half sewn test pjs to sew the real Christmas pjs and haven't bothered to go back and finished the tops.

5 and 6. Frozen fleece jackets for both kids. I bought the Anna and Elsa fleece as a remnant from the fabric store. Then I was like, Jacob needs an Olaf one so they can be matching! I am totally into coordinating the kids right now. It's so cute. Nothing has been sewn on these, just cut out.

7. Feather print celetial tee for Christine. Okay, I admit this one was cut out for KCW Fall, but then life got a little busy and I just never finished it. All it needs is a neck band. Seriously.

8. Navy blue leggings to match the feather shirt. Cut out, just needs to be sewn. Should be able to knock this one out pretty quick I hope.

9. Oliver+S Jumprope Dress in a princess/dragon print. I cut this one out last April, and I'm not sure why I forgot about it. Maybe I was intimidated by the placket? But now I'm afraid Christine is too small for a size 2. Groan. I'm going to finish it though, and then probably send it to my niece. (Ashley I hope you like it)

10. Oliver+S Apple Picking Dress. I'm starting to think that I have a problem. Fabric was purchased, pattern selected, pieces cut out, started sewing a few seams, got to the part where I had to sew button holes and then it's sat there on my ironing board for a few weeks.

11. Pants for Jacob. I've been working really hard on turning the Spruce Shorts into pants. I've been working hard to perfect the fit, I've sewn up a few versions already and I'm fine tuning the diaper ease on the baby sizes right now. I need to sew up one more pair for Jacob to make sure it's good then I am ready to send it to testers!
That is QUITE the ambitious list! Do you think I can sew it all? Come back tomorrow for an update